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Introducing 4C University!

Our Why

We believe Recruiting Leaders have the most challenging position in any business and deserve the training necessary to succeed in their role as a leader who also recruits.  

These are the best people in any industry. They work tirelessly at their own emotional, physical, and time expense to serve their people.  

Recruiting and leading are intertwined; thus, when we teach someone how to become a great recruiter, they, in turn, become a better leader. 

There is an intersection where leading and recruiting overlap. It is called Attractive Leadership. When we teach Attractive Leadership, it impacts people under the Recruiting Leaders care for the better.   

  • We do this because we love people and people matter to us. 
  • We do this because we empathize with the recruiting leader's struggle.
  • We do this because great leaders influence things outside the walls of their business leadership.  
  • We do this because we believe that one change changes everything. 
  • We do this because God has equipped us, inspired us, and led us to this place.

This is why we at 4C University do what we do!  It is more than a job or a career! It is our calling!

Why 4C

In a world of information where truth is difficult to identify, this course will simply and seamlessly walk you through the building blocks developed by 4C Recruiting, the #1 Recruiting Coaching Organization, that make any average or high-performing leader highly effective at recruiting & building a team. Peer tested & data backed by LinkedIn insights, this course moves the needle in monumental industry-leading ways.

What you'll get from our courses:

  • Creating Your Vision And Identifying Your Core Values

  • Communicating Your Vision and Values In A Way That Motivates Recruits

  • Help Developing The Key Stories To Use With Recruits

  • Over 20 Step By Step Documents Given Over The 12 Weeks

  • Identifying Talent That Is Aligned With Your Vision And Team

  • The Perfect Phone Script

  • Scripting For Text, Email, And Social Media

  • 15 Min Meeting Agenda

  • 4 Steps To Face To Face Meetings

  • Building A Follow Up Plan To Stay In Front Of Recruits Monthly

  • Social Leadership Branding Strategy

  • LinkedIn Evaluation With Instructions To Updating Profile

  • Scripting For Communicating To Recruits Via LinkedIn

  • A Tool To Easily Grow Your Connections On LinkedIn

  • Scorecard Setup For Successful Recruiting In 30 Minutes Each Day

  • Strategies For Pursuing Cold, Warm, and Hot Recruits 

  • Pipedrive CRM Set Up With 32 Next Steps (And Training)

  • 9 Tools You Will Use To Streamline Your Recruiting Efforts and Multiply Your Time 

  • Company & Interpersonal Psychology 

  • Strategic Positioning Framework

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